Why Use Coagulants and Flocculants?

Coagulants and Flocculants when used in conjunction with each other provided efficient and cost-effective means to take out suspended particles in water solutions or slurries. few particles would settle away from the water on their own, given enough time. But more particles would resist settling for days or months due to small particle size and to electrical charges between the particles.

Coagulants are primarily used to pull out very small suspended particles in the solution which does not settle rapidly. The flocculant’s primary use is to bind and agglomerate suspended particles in water to form large particles to assist in their settling and facilitate removal through particle and water separation processes.

The main motive of the coagulation/flocculation process is the transfer of turbidity from the water. Turbidity is a cloudy appearance of water caused by tiny particles suspended therein. Water Along with little or no turbidity will be clear.

Turbidity is not only an aesthetic issue in water. Water with high turbidity can be very difficult or impossible to properly disinfect. As a result, the most allowable level of turbidity in water is 0.5 NTU, while the recommended level is about 0.1 NTU.
In addition to removing turbidity from the water, coagulation, and flocculation is beneficial in other ways. The process takes out many bacteria which are suspended in the water and can be used to remove color from the water.

Turbidity and color are much more usual in surface water than in groundwater. As surface water flows over the ground to streams, through streams, and then through rivers, the water picks up a large amount of particles. As a result, while aeration is more often required for groundwater, treatment involving coagulation and flocculation is typical of surface water.

Common applications include :
  • Slurry Pond Management.
  • Wastewater solids dewatering.
  • Effluent wastewater treatment.
  • Recycled plastics wash water treatment.
  • Mining wastewater treatment.

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