UV Systems

A UV System disinfects biologically unsafe water without using any chemicals. A UV purifier is often used as pre-treatment and is perfect for defense in natural disasters when the city water supply has been compromised. When a Boil Water Advisory is issued, ultraviolet disinfection helps protect your water from bacteria and viruses that could make you sick. The UV light eliminates the need for chemical disinfectants, making uv an eco-friendly option.

We recommended UV Systems:
  • Well water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Travel to remote areas
How does ultraviolet disinfection work?

A UV System is made up of a chamber that encapsulates the quartz sleeve that protects the UV lamp. The UV lamp contains little beads of mercury that vaporize and fuel the lamp to emit UV radiation.

UV Systems Features :
  • Better Water Quality. Improves taste, color, pH, or odor.
  • Water reuse capabilities to meet objectives.
  • Cryptosporidium Protection. Effective against Cryptosporidium

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